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Lets see some humor in psychology, this site is not intended to harm any ones feeling, its all humor here, dont take it seriously, I am not a psycho.


Taking humor seriously

"A light heart lives long." - Shakespeare

How would you react to a telephone call in the middle of the night from an old friend who was just calling to say hello? Would you be able to laugh at something funny your friend said, or not be particularly amused?

What if you were watching a TV program with friends and found one scene particularly humorous when no one else did? Would you laugh heartily, or conclude that it really wasn't funny?

If you can see the humor in a rude awakening from a well-intentioned friend, or are willing to laugh even if you laugh alone, you may be doing your health some good. Research has long associated anger and hostility with increased coronary heart disease risk. A new study from cardiologists at the University of Maryland suggests that laughter may be heart protective too, so enjoy this site and forget it.

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